What is COIN?

Christians On the InterNet was established in 1995 as an interdenominational group of Christians working together to advise, help and encourage the Church in its use of the internet. It functions both as a group of individuals able to offer their particular expertise, and, through email, as a lively on-line community discussing in depth a wide variety of issues affecting Christians.

COIN's members cover a wide range of experience in practical computing knowledge, pastoral training, and theology. Some are experienced computing professionals who have used the internet in their daily work since its early days, while others use the internet as private individuals whose activity in the Church is less formal and there are those just starting to discover what the internet is all about. Some are ordained people, others are lay members of their denominations.

COIN is not a commercial provider of any services - it has no employed staff, no offices, and no services to sell. It is not an Internet Service Provider, nor does it have any vested interests in promoting any particular ISP.

COIN is a voluntary "club" or "society" of people interested in promoting the internet among Christians. Details of membership can be found on the membership page.

COIN is a UK-based organization and although a large proportion of our active members are members of the Church of England, we have members in a variety of churches, in the UK and beyond.

As an organisation, COIN is governed by a Constitution and managed by an Executive Committee elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting of members.