How the world (and COIN) has changed...

COIN was founded nearly twenty years ago when the Internet and email were not common. One of the aims was to help individuals, churches, and groups to embrace the technology.

Now, the Internet is pretty ubiquitous. Many churches have websites, use video projection software in services, distribute documents as PDF or other electronic formats using email, and make sermons and talks available for download.

COIN has always been a supportive community of people who have something to say – and the mailing lists are full of Christian conversations discussing a diverse range of topics, including technical support.

So what do you think? How has the world changed in 18 years? How has COIN changed?

Alan says:

" I've recently heard a number of comments along the lines that COIN is a  real community, providing support and especially prayer when people are needing that support.  Perhaps this is what we are growing into: we don't
 need to encourage computer use so much these days, but we do encourage one another."